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They laughed when I offered to replace their old Dictaphone system for free but not when they pocketed $200,000 in savings!

Note: Unsolicited phone calls and emails from non-Healthcare facilities requesting FREE dictation system will not be returned. Please accept our apologies in advance!

A good Dictation System is critical for fast generation of radiology reports. Faster the reports, sooner referring doctors' will know about patients' results and better will be the patient care.

Many hospitals have old Dictation System, which are very expensive to change.

If that's not enough, companies like Dictaphone, Lanier and DVI are masters at ripping of healthcare facilities with expensive maintenance contracts, unending upgrades and spares.

Some Health Care Facilities Have Eliminated Dictation System And Maintenance Expenses FOREVER!!

Now, I had the opportunity to have a look at the many old dictation systems. They are without any maintenance. Aging hard drive can crash any day...and your report turnaround will go for a toss

... and you will be buried deep down the piles and piles of backlog

It's a serious as cancer threat to your FINANCES & reputation. Your competitors wait for such times.

Please change that dictation system!!

Is there a way out? Here is the solution:

If you give us a transcription contract, I WILL INSTALL OUR CLAIRSOL DICTATION SERVER, FULLY EQUIPPED WITH LATEST UPGRADES (a $200,000 value), RIGHT IN YOUR FACILITY –to make your whole transcription set up 100% reliable-





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PS: You may be wondering what the “catch” is to this DOUBLE-FREE offer... the FREE $200,000 Digital Dictation System and FREE 15-day trial. Well, there are 2 catches:


We built our own state of the art Digital Dictation System to interface with hospitals. We did this to get dictation from hospitals, so that we can type reports. We don't sell this commercially.

Companies like Dictaphone, Lanier sell Digital Dictation System commercially. They rip you off and make huge profits on it; plus you pay for salaries of their marketing staff and executives.

My idea is, “if it helps our customers solve their Old Dictation System Problem (which many hospitals have), then why not let them use it. Since we already built it, we aren't paying from our pocket. Win-Win!!


Why 15-day free trial offer? I have to pay our transcriptionists from my pocket for 15 days!! Am I crazy? May be. But I am confidant that, if you use our service for 15 days, you will realize the value of “ GUARANTEED TURNAROUND ” and will be customer for life.

PPS: Savings are huge. 30-45% in transcription and $200,000 in dictation system and there is no risk, no obligation in trying it for 15-days!! See for yourself.

Click here to submit a request for your Dictation System Evaluation


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