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Please fill in this form and submit or call 800-544-8519 for immediate assistance with dictation system. You have to be a health care facility to qualify for this evaluation

Note: This evaluation of dictation system and FREE dictation system is for healthcare facilities only. Unsolicited phone calls and emails from non-healthcare facilities requesting dictation system evaluation or advice will not be returned. Please accept our apologies in advance!

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I am really impressed by accuracy of reports. Your transcriptionists seem to be very proficient in medical terminology. Whenever I need Clairsol?s help in getting reports earlier than agreed turnaround, the staff at Clairsol is very responsive.
Wilfrido Sy, M.D. Brooklyn Hospital Brooklyn, NY
I couldn?t think of a day in last six months when reports were not in time. I come in the morning and all reports are typed. I review your daily log spreadsheet, which has description of all reports and I am done.
K. Kazmierczak, Transcription Manager, Erie County Medical Center Buffalo, NY
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